Kick off Meeting

The First Meeting of the consortium of the DEAF WRESTLE Project took place in 20-21 October 2022 in Turin, in Italy.

Partners met for the first time in person to discuss on the project management & partners’ duties, the development of the website of the project, the work packages, the quality assessment measures for the project success and efficiency, and finally the dissemination plan and communication strategy. Partners also discussed the next steps and agreed on how the work will be divided among them.

The partner Organisations who participated were:

  • Schools with home for students with hearing and speech impairment „11.May“ Jagodina
  • Wrestling club Angel Voyvoda – Haskovo
  • Wrestling Club Radnicki
  • Zewelepe
  • Policiski borecki klub BEZBEDNOST Skopje
  • Istituto dei Sordi di Torino
  • Helping Hand
  • Greek Wrestling Coaches Association

This first meeting paved the path for the future collaboration of all partners so that the project objectives are met in high quality and timely.