Main Project Results

Project Plan

DEAF_WRESTLE work plan consists of three main work packages, as portrayed below:

Our Project aims to:

Greco Roman Wrestling for d/Deaf people

The DEAF_WRESTLE project’s main objective is to equip coaches, managers or instructors, athletes, referees with competences and skills aiming at improving the outreach to people with hearing disabilities.

Partner Organisations

Our school is one of the oldest state special educational institutions in Serbia, founded in 1928. 
The schoolprovides quality programsfor preschoolerswith disabilities.

  • The school provides primary education programs for children with disabilities.   
  • The school provides vocational training and education for students with disabilities in the field of:

1) Agriculture, food production and processing, educational profile: Baker  

2) Chemistry, non-metals and graphic designing, educational profile: Bookbinder  

3) Personal services, educational profile:  Female hairdresser  

In the school year 2022/2023, the school get the status of a Resource center. 

The school provides accommodation and meals for students in our dormitory. 

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“Sport Club Angel Voyvoda – Haskovo” organizes, directs, coordinates and improves the activity of raising sportsmanship in the field of wrestling. It creates conditions for the development of sports and other activities, by attracting the public and integrating minority groups at the regional and national level. The club offers free training sessions twice per week for disadvantaged and disabled people. 

The club cooperates with all communities and organizations – governmental and non-governmental, in the country and abroad, which are related to wrestling and to sports in general, advocating and defending the human and civil rights and freedoms of all members of the club, regardless of their background. 

Presidents: Stoyan Marinov and Stoyan Chobanov 

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The “Radnički Wrestling Club” was founded in 1926 and it is part of the oldest sports club in Serbia – SD “Radnički Beograd”, which has existed since 1920. 

The club is a member of the Wrestling Federation of Serbia, which gathers 50 wrestling clubs. RK “Radnički” is one of the 10 elite clubs in the country that compete in the Serbian Super League in Greco-Roman wrestling. RK “Radnićki” organizes free wrestling schools for children and younger ages, a special wrestling school for girls, as well as the schools and trainings for adults aged 16-35.  


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Zewelepe delivers high-quality research, training, educational, consulting and ICT services to local, national, European and international levels, adapting a human-centered approach and aiming at the promotion of sustainable development and growth. Zewelepe brings together a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized researchers from the fields of financing, engineering, communication technologies, education and social and political sciences with a long experience in project management and implementation of national, EU-funded and international projects. 


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Policiski borecki klub BEZBEDNOST Skopje is an association of citizens, established by citizens, in order to achieve and harmonize their interests and to perform activities that seek to improve the psychophysical abilities of citizens and development of martial arts among the employees of the Ministry of Interior, the municipalities in the city of Skopje, the city of Skopje and the Republic of North Macedonia. PBK BEZBEDNOST Skopje was established in 1994, and has a very rich history in the wrestling sport. The main goals of the club are organizing sports program activities in sports disciplines: Freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling style, Women wrestling, and Beach wrestling; organizing sports program activities after martial arts: self-defense, jiu-jitsu and other martial arts. In the past period, PBK BEZBEDNOST Skopje has achieved significant international sports results and won more than 150 medals at the State Championships.  

President: Dr. Strasho Gligorov 

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Web site:  

The Turin Institute for the Deaf in Pianezza has a rich history, dating back to its founding in 1814 by the Savoy Family. The Foundation has been dedicated to providing education for d/Deaf children and training for their teachers for over two centuries. As a non-profit foundation, the Institute offers a range of valuable services and programs to support the d/Deaf and multi-impaired deafblind individuals, as well as those with other disabilities. 

Overall, the Turin Institute for the Deaf in Pianezza is a comprehensive organization that offers a wide range of services and programs to support the d/Deaf community and promote inclusivity in society. 


Helping Hand is a Greek non- governmental, non-profit organization, which among others, it aims at the promotion of human rights and social inclusion through the education and training. Helping Hand operates in Greece, and especially in the region of Attica, but as a member of European Consortia, it cooperates with partners from the EU, in the areas of its interest and expertise, such as education, human rights protection, scientific research, social development and welfare.  



The Greek Wrestling Coaches Association has as its main objectives the care, protection, promotion and promotion of the interests of its members, as well as their scientific and coaching training, the promotion of the sport of Wrestling through cooperation processes with sports bodies both nationally and at Pan-European and World level. Organization of days, conferences and training seminars. 


Virtual Library

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Project Results


D 2.2: DEAF_WRESTLE Glossary

D 3.1: DEAF_WRESTLE Curriculum design

D 3.2: DEAF_WRESTLE Micro learning program

D 4.1: DEAF_WRESTLE Online Microlearning Programme

D 4.2: DEAF_WRESTLE Online Course Delivery

D 4.3: DEAF_WRESTLE Online Training Sessions

D 5.1: Dissemination and Sustainability Plan, Web resources and Communication materials

D 5.2: Web meetings with professional athletes as role models

D 5.3: Multiplier events- sports

D 5.4: International Conference

D 5.5: Policy Recommendations